BickMore Gall Salve-Wound Cream

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Bickmore’s Gall Salve has been a proven medication since 1892. It’s the preferred
treatment for any wound, cut, sore, or scrape a horse can get. As a multi-purpose,
topical antiseptic ointment, it has a unique combination of emollients to soften,
soothe, and lubricate damaged skin. It’s unique formula will not rub or sweat off, thereby
providing round the clock healing. We also recommend it for use on scratches as it
allows the scab to be removed without pain and fights infection beneath the scab. The
special combination of ingredients enables Gall Salve to be a safe and effective healing
agent even while the horse is at work.

Directions: Treat affected area up to 4 times daily. Once scab falls off, continue use.
Reapply lightly to keep water out and promote hair growth.


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